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Arriving at Iyohi

      Arriving At Iyohi

I once had a dream of a perfect world.
Traveling across many waters,
visiting I found.
Music filtering through the air,
beautiful, beautiful sound.
The birds and animals were so tame,
they came right up to me.

Wondrous nature everywhere
as far as the eye could see.
People living in this place
had a love incomparable,
and the language they sung
could not be uttered in our tongue.

The food we ate came from the vine
the table laden oh so fine.
There was no pain, no sorrow, nor death.
The air so clean, so warm, so fresh.
Upon awakening the dream lingered on.
I pondered where the place could be
until the break of dawn.

'Twas no place on this earth,
of this I fully knew.
I thought I found it in a story I wrote,
but the story was not true.
So began my journey toward this land.
If you follow closely
someday we'll walk hand in hand.

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